Our company consists of 9 hectares of vineyards divided into several plots of vineyards at different altitudes, our business center is located 100 meters above sea level, where lies our winery, on a plateau called “Piana of Franze,” one amazing and pristine landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the gaze is lost for miles in the vineyards and beautiful Ionian Sea is the setting for an enchanting landscape.

“Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions.”

Our Company.

The cellar of Cote di Franze is headquartered in Cirò, a place where the wine is the product of centuries of excellence and it’s the passion and commitment of Francesco and Vincenzo Scilanga, that since childhood they began to learn in the family farm all the production techniques. In our company growing and love for the vineyards is an ancient tradition that has been handed down for centuries from father to son. Cultivate currently 9 ha vineyard of native varieties Gaglioppo and Greek White, 2 sapling old 9000 plants per hectare, the cultivation method is biological. “Cote di Franze” is named after the town where it is located our winery, a charming area characterized by a particular soil, consisting primarily of clay that gives our wines a unique texture and aroma.

“We take care of the soil because it is our resource, we take care of the landscape because we live”

A unique history.

Vincenzo Scilanga was born in Cirò in 1701, which gave rise to a family of winemakers that still today their descendants hand down the history and tradition. Today Vincenzo and Francesco Scilanga decide to assert their origins and their culture passed down from father Quintino, materializing love for their work and their land with one goal, to produce natural wines, with indigenous yeasts, use of low-sulfur thus reflecting the distinctive characteristics unique presenting Gaglioppo. The ancient Greeks raised the vine to tree, with planting pattern at 1m x 1m and this kind of farming is still present in the vineyards of Ciro even if in a small way and with the rows slightly wider. The vineyard area of ​​Ciro is made for ‘Gaglioppo 80% and 20% by Greek White both native varieties. At one time there were many others, now in recovery, including:Magliocco canino, Lacrima, Prunesta, Santa Severina, Colorino and others.

“We grow two ancient native varieties, Gaglioppo and Greek White, using natural methods, from selected vineyards of our property.”



Gaglioppo is the variety of red grape native of Calabria, which is expected by specifications to use for the production of Ciro DOC variations in classic red, rosé and reserves. Gaglioppo along with the Greek and the White Mantonico is perhaps the only type of calabria vine renowned in national wine and European contexts. The dry and warm climate of Calabria and the particularity of the dry ground, and the non-irrigated vineyards are the necessary conditions for the production of this wine, that is characterized by an early maturing and high resistance. The color is deep ruby red wine made with vinous, over time it will evolve into a rich bouquet, that of rosé is bright pink, has a floral bouquet and fruity.

Greek white


As the base of Ciro white, is one of the main native Calabrian vines. It is grown mainly along the Ionian coast (in addition to Cirotano, in Locri and Bivongi). It is a vine ripe medium-late (in the third week of September). The cluster has a maturity medium to large size and long, loose, conical. The Greek white suits types of farming just expanded (tree or trellis with horizontal cordon) and has a good tolerance to adverse climatic conditions, drought and major plant diseases. The grapes are used only for wine-making, often blended with other varieties. It was once used to obtain raisins or for winter consumption after storage in the loft.

“Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions.”

Our wines.

The winery was built in line with the new technologies of vinification with stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, immersed in a stunning and unspoilt landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the gaze is lost for miles in the vineyards and a beautiful Ionian Sea is the setting for an enchanting landscape. “Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions” starting from this motto and animated by the desire to promote an ancient tradition have today decided to move in the direction of a present full of activities and full of new challenges without neglecting attention to the peculiarities of the territory. Propose our wine market means communicating one’s own being and an ancient culture that travels through smells, feelings and memories.

“We work with love to bring forth an ancient passion and to valorize the characteristics of the territory of Cirò and his denomination.”


“Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions.”

Events and News

  • testata_edizione_2015
    Vinitaly 2015

    From 22 to March 25, 2015 we will be present at the wine fair Vinitaly in Verona. We are pleased to meet you and make you taste our wines. You will find us in D Tuscany, stand B 2. For more information www.vinitaly.com...

  • Prowein
    Cote di Franze al Prowein 2015

    From 15 to March 18, 2015 we will be in Dusseldorf, Germany to participate in ProWein International Fair of Wine and Spirits, Hall 16, stand C 82. If you’re in the come and visit us, or you can follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter....


“Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions.”

They say of us


“To cultivate the grapevine with love brings greater satisfactions.”


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