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01 Mar The Board of TigullioVino

Cirò, with the name of Kremisa was known more than 2000 years ago. Not only. The wine was donated to the winners of Olympia. Then for centuries, oblivion. With the law 930 which regulated the then naming wines, Ciro was awarded the Doc. But his...

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01 Feb Our Red on Luciano Pignataro Blog’s

Cote of Franze Grapes: gaglioppo Price range: 8.00-10.00 euro in wine Fermentation and maturation: steel View 5/5 - 26/30 Nose - Palate 26/30 - Not homologation 31/35  "Cultivating lives with love brings greatest satisfactions." This is the motto that inspired the young fratelli Francesco and Vincenzo Scilanga, owners of Cote of...

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