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01 Feb Our Red on Luciano Pignataro Blog’s


Cote of Franze

Grapes: gaglioppo
Price range: 8.00-10.00 euro in wine
Fermentation and maturation: steel

View 5/5 – 26/30 Nose – Palate 26/30 – Not homologation 31/35 

“Cultivating lives with love brings greatest satisfactions.” This is the motto that inspired the young fratelli Francesco and Vincenzo Scilanga, owners of Cote of Franze in Ciro Marina, where the wine for centuries is a historical product of excellence. And in fact even now for the cultivation of the vine is used here in the classic part sapling cirotano of Greek origin. With commitment and passion, the two brothers carry on the family tradition wine that is handed down from father to son. On nine hectares of vines, with the method of organic farming, they breed only two species native varieties: the greek white and gaglioppo on a clayey-sandy, obtaining three wines: a red, a white and a rosé.

The cellar, then, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with the background of the Ionian Sea that peeps. Here the only business goal is to produce wines without natural yeasts, or fining and using low sulfur.

For my taste, I examined the Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore Dop 2011, produced with gaglioppo in purity. This term means that the grapes come exclusively from territorial cirotana most historic and limited and that the alcohol content is slightly higher. The harvest, by hand, was carried out in October. After fermentation, the wine was aged in steel and then was elevated in the bottle for a total of a year and a half. The alcohol has come to touch 13.5 degrees.

Expressive wine, the son of a territory evolving and characterized by a trend of steady improvement in quality. Even the color is symptomatic: light ruby ​​red with soft and pale orange appearances on the nail. The nose is immediately alerted by an olfactory profile intensely fruity cherry, plum and undergrowth. The wine smells then geranium, freshly cut grass, berries Mediterranean and cinchona bark. In the mouth the taste immediately pulls out a provocative appeal, full of dynamism and determination of a slightly tannic damped only to the second round, the one with the food. It has a salty background and vital, rustic and herbaceous, balanced and smooth, fresh and lively, harmonious and balanced, juicy and warm, rounded and sinuous. Closes with a fascinating and intriguing final persistently fruity. Very interesting price. Red still young and has a dynamic character, combined with pasta sauce, to grilled meats and aged cheeses.