Kom’é IGP Calabria

Vine type:Greco Bianco 100%
vineyard: Zigrè
Soil type: clay
Altitude: 20 on sea level
Culture type: Cordone speronato
Year of planting: 2003
Density: 6000 plants/ha
Yeald per plant: 0,8 kg
Production per Ha: 72 Q/ha
Pest treatments : Sulfur ; copper
Fertilizers : No
harvest : October
Tipy of harvesting: manual in plastic
Crushing mode: Stemming
Pressing mode: soft, up to 1,0 bar
Maceration: 12 ours in stainless steel
Selected Yeasts: No
Enzymes: No
Clarification: no
Filtration: Before bottling phase
Aging: Stainless steel
Yieald: 65%
Alcool content: 12,5 % vol
Ph: 3,30
Acidity: 5,40 mg/l
Free sulfur dioxide: 20 mg/l
Total sulfur dioxide: 62 mg/l
Total dry extract : 22,2 g/l
Reducing sugarsi : 1,7 g/l

Technical Data Sheet